Structural Engineering: Getting Smarter to New and Future Challenges

May 20-22,2021

Novotel Manila, Quezon City, Philippines

Organized by the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines

About the Convention

The future is filled with uncertain and new challenges that structural and civil engineers must address: Natural and Man-Made Hazards, Health and Security Concerns, Environmental and Sustainable Issues, Rapid Development and Growing Population, Poverty and Limited Resources.

The Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (ASEP) invites you to its 20th ASEP International Convention (AIC 2021) which highlights structural and civil engineers “GETTING SMARTER” as they address “NEW AND FUTURE CHALLENGES” using smart, intelligent and emergent technologies and methodologies: state-of-the-art structural design software, BIM, AI, GA, AHP, IoT, NDT, DIC, Drones, Wireless Sensor Technology, 3D Printing, Nature-Based Solutions, Vibration Control Devices and Smart Materials. The convention will be delivered virtually via Zoom.

  1. Smart Technologies for Structural Assessment and Performance Evaluation

  2. Advancements in Analysis and Design of Towers, Buildings and Long Span Bridges

  3. Sustainable and Efficient Design and Construction of Buildings

  4. Digital and Intelligent Tools  for Civil and Structural Engineering Applications

  5. Smart, Sustainable and Innovative Materials

  6. Special Structures – Marine, Underground and Massive Structures, Heritage Structures

  7. Effective Disaster Response and Management

Convention Topics